17 mars 2008

rubiRubi studies in a private university thanks to an average scholarship and the support of her sister Cristina, who works hard to help her mother and sister. In the university, Rubi becomes a friend of Maribel, a millionaire, but sweet and nice girl, who is disabled after an accident. Maribel thinks that she has found a real friend in Rubi, but has no idea that Rubi envies her because of her money. After visiting Maribel's beautiful mansion, she is convinced that this is a life she deserves, and she will obtain it at any cost. Because of her disability, Maribel spends hours at her computer talking over the Internet with a guy named Hector. Shortly after, they meet in person, and Hector, in spite of her disability, proposes her to marry him. Maribel is very happy and accepts. Hector presents Rubi to his best friend, a young doctor Alejandro, and he and Rubi also fall in love, Rubi hopes that finally she will marry a rich, handsome doctor whom she is in love with, and all four of them are very happy... until Rubi finds out that actually Alejandro is not rich at all! Rubi must choose between love and money, and obviously she chooses money and breaks her commitment with Alejandro. Disillusioned, Alejandro decides to dedicate in body and soul to his profession. Now, Rubi is more than ever determined to marry a millionaire, and to achieve her goal she is ready to commit most vile of the betrays: to rob the Maribel's fiancé Hector. She achieves her goal www.serierubi.canalblog.com

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